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Membership Plans:

It is the duty of our members to ensure they, or the firms they represent, maintain their memberships in good standing with the ADSC-IAFD (our parent organization).

Individual Membership – $50/yr

These members shall consist of engineers not regularly employed by foundation drilling and/or anchored earth retention contractors, but by testing companies, architects, engineers, government agencies, and academia.

Corporate Technical Membership – $250/yr

These members shall consist of firms not regularly performing as a contractor; such as testing companies, engineers, architects, government agencies, and academicians.

Corporate Associates – $350/yr

Defined as manufacturers and suppliers that service the needs of contractor members within the ADSC and the industry in general.

Corporate Contractor Member (Two Types) – $500/yr or $350/yr

These members shall be specialty subcontractors who act as such for the installation of the Approved Technologies. Each Contractor Member shall have one vote on matters submitted to the members for a vote by the Board of Directors.


1) Corporate Contractor Type 1 ($500/yr) – Performs single projects in excess of $2 million dollars

2) Corporate Contractor Type 2 ($350/yr) – Performs single projects up to $2 million dollars